Whitegate Farm
Trovador II   X  Vendimia M

Roma has been a sweetheart from the day she
joined our family.  Although we have had other
horses, she is our first Pure Spanish Horse.  
She has blossomed into a beautiful mare and
has made an impression on the Spanish military
judges who named her Campeona de la Raza
in two shows sanctioned by the Cria Caballar in 2005.  
Her movements are smooth with spectacular power and impulsion.

The amazing (and long!) story of how Roma came into our lives is an entertaining one
but all was made easy with the help of her breeder, Jane Mortenson.  Jane has an eye
for classic, beautiful horses and the words she spoke over the phone "...the Spanish
judges will love her..." have come to fulfillment. Through the years, we have enjoyed
horses for sport and pleasure but have never been involved with showing.  Somehow those
words spoken by Jane before Roma was purchased started us down a new road.  Roma's
sire and dam are Champions and illustrious in their own right. They can be seen at
Jane's website
moonbrookfarm.com .

Roma's 2006 colt is by the imported Spanish stallion, Heroe MAC,  bred by Miguel
Angel de Cárdenas of Spain.  Heroe has two full siblings who are Champions in
Spain not only in hand but also in dressage.  He has the kind temperament that
Spanish Horses are known for, and this colt has inherited both parents calm and
intelligent mind. Her 2007 filly, Beatriz, is by German import Romerito II. She is a tall
beauty and is currently in classical dressage training. She is progressing wonderfully.

In 2013 Romerada produced an outstanding colt by Utrerano VII. This stallion is known
for his brilliant, suspended and powerful movement, a trait that he passes on to his
offspring. He is sire to the Spanish Dressage Team's Fuego de Cardenas (Fuego XII)
who was the only dressage horse to get a standing ovation at the 2010 WEG in

Our goal is to produce agile, athletic horses keeping within the Spanish tradition,
who have sound minds and temperaments and can excel in any sport.    

                                                              ANCCE pedigree ~ click to enlarge

Romerada's Show Record